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Bok choy, or pak choi, is perfect for stir-fries.

The Story of Prize

Bok choy, like other varieties of Chinese cabbage, has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. They are thought to have developed primarily in the Yangtze River Delta region and popularized in the Ming Dynasty.

As this vegetable grows well in cool conditions, gardeners in Northern Europe and the United States have added them to their gardens over the last few decades.

Put it on the Dinner Table

This variety works for

  • Fresh eating
  • Stir-fry
  • Soup

Prize Choy is most often used in Asian cuisine and can serve as a replacement for Napa cabbage. Despite it’s appearance, the leaves are quite delicate.

Try sautéing leaves and adding them to dishes that include garlic, ginger, mushrooms, soy sauce, and chilies.


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