Programs: Residential

For our Residential Clients we offer new and innovative programs that add value to your landscape and save you can save you some money as well.

Landscapia Consumer Membership

For those repeat clients this is a deal worth looking at.


Help us promote Landscapia within a 4 block x 4 block area for your home or strata complex. You can earn valuable points that can be turned into services or products.

Share the Load

Would you like to proactively reach out to other Landscapia Members who are within a predetermined area and receive the best possible deal on a small load of landscape material delivered and installed? We have the platform to make this happen.

Dynamic Pricing

It’s not meant to be thought of as a black box to mess with your mind the way certain industries have deployed dynamic pricing in the past. We use it in the following situations:

  1. We have extra capacity this week. Do you want a deal on a block of time or one of our pre-packaged service offering at a discount?
  2. We have a services booking calendar that can go out a year. Do you want to prebook a job now and save on the costs?
  3. If you buy product “A” with service “B” you save 15%. Whats wrong with that!
  4. You live close to another account who is also on a weekly maintenance program. Surprise – your both going to save money.

There has to be rules and some programming in place to make these offers happen; that’s what dynamic pricing is.