Values + Mission

Like the World needs to read another companies Values and Mission statement, right? If it’s a platitude, something to slap on the office wall, then you are 100% correct. For everyone at Landscapia, this is the reason we are in business. It is our True North; when we have to make hard decisions, when we have to dig deep (metaphorically speaking or it could be actually digging deep!) it keeps us going. You may have differing beliefs or ideas, and that’s fine. We will not waver from our Values or our Mission.

+ Respect. For the Individual; every interaction is an opportunity to show respect.
+ Nature First. We respect all living creatures; Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.
+ Don’t Hurt the Earth. We reduce; energy, garbage – everything. We use organic products.
+ Work Hard. We choose to work hard because it is who we are. We are proud of our work.
+ Effective before Efficient. We do the right things, then do them the smart & simple way.


Landscapia Mission:
+ We Provide commercial and residential clients with effective services and products that don’t hurt the Earth and match the clients needs.
+ We Turn Around commercial and residential landscapes using best practices that don’t hurt the Earth.
+ We Plant as many perennials, shrubs and trees as we can over the year.
+ We Give our time, energy and $$$ (what we can afford) to non-profit / charitable causes that we believe make a difference.
+ We Create and Implement innovative landscape services and products (in all areas of landscape) that will make a positive impact to the urban landscape.
+ We Offer Careers to committed individuals who share our values and buy into our mission. Landscapia has a work environment that is fair to all people from all walks of life. Everything we do is based on our Values.