5 Ways to Reduce Your Landscape Maintenance Bill

How to reduce your landscape maintenance bill


First of all we are not referring to the following:

  • Individuals who are not interested in running an up-front business. There are always people who need to make some extra cash for a period of time and then they move on to another career. Canada is a free country and as long as the landscape industry is not clamped down with regulations this “free-lance” practice is allowed and as a free country everyone should be able to earn a living. Just be aware that Johnny who was your “landscaper or gardener” last month may not be working for you next month – because he is serving drinks at your local pub!
  • Companies not investing in business / landscape / gardening / horticulture education, not looking to reduce their carbon foot print, not investing in new tools etc.
  • There will always be low-ballers who are looking to earn $20.00 / hr. and as we know and you would also know, you can not sustain a real business when the going rate to hire a worker with limited experience to complete basic landscape maintenance is over $20.00 / hr. (loaded cost).