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We did a thorough look at the needs of the commercial business client. Many business clients lease facilities and they may not have the same motivation as a business who owns their facility to complete landscape improvements. Other business clients are part of a strata who may have strata members that don’t share the same vision around landscape improvements – or at least the costs associated with landscape improvements.

Another point is the client’s approval process for nickel and dime items. It probably costs more for our clients to push approvals through their system or for Landscapia to have to issue or amend standard contracts for small amounts of work or materials.

What’s in it for Me the Client?

How about all:

the bark much:

all the soil:

all the perennials:

all the annuals:

all the shrubs:

How about containers for your front entrance:

What else would you like to see? Let’s talk about it.  All labor and materials included. You will save Money. You don’t have to think about small landscape related items. We will manage your landscape so you can sit back and just enjoy your great looking landscape.

What’s in it for Landscapia? Why are we doing this?

  1. First of all, it is just plain great for our clients and furthers our extreme focus on the client by adding extra value.
  2. When we hire good quality people who take pride in their work it really makes our team members feel good to have the jobs they work on looking great. Think of your own operations. Most people want to do quality work generating quality output.
  3. Our internal landscape maintenance costs as delivered to clients can be reduced by adding new soil, bark mulch and filling in garden beds with more shrubs, perennials an annuals.
  4. Your landscape becomes a much better success story that we can share with our growing client base. It is kind of difficult to ask a prospective client to go drive by and have a look at a clients landscape that is looking kind of old and tired. We need to have all our client’s landscapes as great reference accounts.

All In Terms and Conditions

There’s a catch, right? No. We do not play games with our clients. We do need equality in a good business relationship. It would be obvious to state that we could not run All In if we were to ramp up your landscape and then you decide to cancel your plan after the first year of maintenance services. The standard term for All In is a three-year commitment to Landscapia. As long as we are in compliance with your SLA and we are getting paid as per the SLA then there should be no issues.