Bulbs: Tulips and Daffodils

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Have you ever seen a warehouse full of bulbs? The picture in the above slider is of a bulb market in Amsterdam Netherlands. It is very cool to see the hundreds tulip and daffodil variations with more colors and forms then one could imagine. We purchase from a very good local wholesaler that has hundreds (thousand?) of varieties. We buy in bulk and pass the savings to you via direct sale or we can install as many bulbs as you like.


How many bulbs can you install in an hour? The two sites below, two well known commercial properties, we did each in under an hour. The exact time was right about 52 minutes. That included clean up the surface, remove weeds, dig a hole 3x the depth for each bulb and cover everything with two inches of garden blend top soil. In all we installed six hundred bulbs over ten sites. Can’t wait to see them in spring!

Bulbs install 2


Bulbs install 1