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Office Complex. When looking at an office complex we usually are looking at a smaller landscape footprint with exacting standards. Careful attention to details is imperative. We can augment your in ground landscape assets; turf, plants, shrubs and trees with beautifully designed outdoor or indoor planters, green screens or green walls. Having annuals or perennials that pop with color really makes a difference. We use a high quality local nursery for all our annuals and we pass on the savings we receive to you.

Shopping Center. You own, lease or manage a shopping mall or other retail center. You need a reliable service provider who has the depth and breadth of services and products to cover your needs. At Landscapia we see retail centers as a compilation of our services and products. From scheduled core maintenance, planting of perennials and annuals to tree care, we are equipped to take care of all your landscape needs. We also provide reports on a monthly or quarterly basis that give you details on past, current and future actions and recommendations.








 Some key points to consider:

  1. Our use of organic services and products. No harm to your guests or animals.
  2. Daily / weekly debris pick up and vacuuming services available for centers without exterior parking lot or maintenance crews.
  3. Uniformed, professional crew with full safety attire at all times.
  4. Staff professionally trained not only in horticulture best practices and specialty areas but also instructed in the soft skills. How to work in and around your property with supplies and equipment as your valued guests enter and leave your facility.

Industry Sites. It takes real strength to manage industrial accounts. Large landscape areas. Lots of traffic in and out of the facility. Trucks breaking apart curbs.

Industrial specific programs we have come up with.

  1. Clear Path. When you have emergency exit doors and need a safe pathway for your workers to get to their designated meeting spot you can’t have foliage, either planted or wild, obstruct their way. From permanent solutions to scheduled maintenance and lighting we have ideas to share.
  2. Fence Clear. It is amazing how fast brambles and other wild foliage can crawl up, through and over a fence. We can effectively remove this unwanted plant growth without harming your fence.
  3. Curb Repair. Broken curbs look bad and it doesn’t help with the potential for soil erosion or plants loosing their root structure because of shifting shrub beds. We can complete standard concrete repairs.
  4. Butt-out bins and outdoor trash containers. Not the most glamorous subject, but important. If you need butt out bins or outdoor trash containers we can supply the hardware and manage the process.


fence line clearing 1

fence line clearing 2










Above pictures before and after of a four hundred foot long fence clearing project we do yearly for a client. Reason: material lose due to thieves hiding within the vegetation and cutting the chain link fence at night to enter the yard and steal – steel.  Having the vegetation cut back allows their security team to drive by and scan the fence knowing they can see the little buggers. Trust me this is NOT glamorous work that will make Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon but extremely important work. We clear fence the length of foot ball fields worth every single year and have come up with a service package that includes the best tools for the job, not what you might think and processes to get the job done in a timely fashion.


commercial weeds 1 of 3 (Medium)

commercial weeds 2 of 3 (Medium)

commercial weeds 3 of 3 (Medium)







Above pictures showing the process of cleaning up a small commercial raised bed. Work completed by one service technician for under $300 including labor, materials and green waste. This is the typical neglected area (usually one of many on the site) that needed a pair of strong hands and within a short period of time it looks a lot better. There is no excuse for commercial properties looking bad. If it has to do with budget, then spread small projects over a year or two. There is always a way to make it work.
















Industrial Vegetable Gardens Would you or your staff like to bring home a bag of fresh tomatoes or a bag of beans? It’s proven that being involved in, even watching nature through the day can give anyone a physiological and physical recharge. Our Industrial Vegetable Garden program:

  1. Select the right space to set up your garden, preferably in a secure area.
  2. Decide how much you would like to harvest over a season.
  3. Decide what vegetables or fruits you would like to grow.
  4. Set up the gardens.
  5. Landscapia to manage and maintain the gardens or your staff can take over duties or a combined effort.
  6. Grow some great the food and enjoy!

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