Container Gardens




As a creative designer from South America, Olga will design your containers with her Spanish flair and a section of plants that you will adore.

Outdoor ground space at a premium? You want flowers, plants or maybe vegetable gardens. How to make it happen – containers.

Residential Balcony

Check out our online shop for some of the best containers you can buy; Lechuza and Crescent. If you want something more natural and earthy then let us know and we can build up a custom container with either new or recycled wood.


Re-Cycled Wood Containers.

Used wooden pallets are plentiful; old, broken – ready of the trash bin. We use these wood pallets, break them apart and use everything we can.

Pallet Container

pallet container pic 2














container annuals and perennials 2container annuals and perennialscontainers with bamboo










Some examples of what we can do with galvanized wash tubs with a mix of annuals and perennials. The far right picture shows three of six

containers we picked up and installed bamboo into – the client wanted a privacy screen for a shared balcony.