Okay – you may have some questions. We have listed common questions below and hope you find the answers helpful.


Q: You do both commercial and residential services, I thought landscape companies did one or the other, not both?

A: The great thing about landscape services is that a tree (or shrub, plant …) planted in an office complex or in a residential yard – it’s the same tree. We treat both trees the same using the same horticultural best practice. Unlike say, a automotive dealer being asked to work on an eighteen wheel heavy duty truck. Both are “vehicles” but they have little else in common.

Q: How do you keep your prices lower then some companies?

A: First off we don’t run down the competition. Second, there will always be cheaper competition; Landscapia is about adding extra value. We see the relationship with our clients as a long term commitment; we don’t like getting ripped off and know you wouldn’t either. We run a process driven lean operation, we pay our staff well and make a reasonable and fair profit.

Q: Do you work during weekends or evenings?

A: Yes to both. We have residential clients that want us in and out while the kids are in school and the adults are at work and we have commercial accounts that don’t want to hear noise during their business hours. So, we run a seven day operation – sometimes working through the evening hours.

Q: You don’t service or deliver products within my city or municipality – why not?

A: It is a case of keeping our prices fair and competitive. Running vehicles all over the lower mainland is not a good way to run a landscape business. You can do it and the client pays for the costs – one way or another. We do service most all of the western portion of the lower mainland and as we scale out we will add coverage.

Q: Who are the people servicing my account?

A: All our field service technicians have the experience and credentials to carry out the work order. We would  never allow a junior staff member to carry out a service task they are not experienced to complete. All new hires are trained in safety, the basics of horticulture, our process and methods as well as equipment usage before they are paired with a seasoned professional. Only after they have passed written and practical tests can they go out on their own to complete a basic Core 4 service work order (debris, turf cut, trim line and hard surface blow). When the work order asks for technical tasks you get an experienced service technician. This is a company practice with zero leeway. If we are asked to quote on a job and we do not have the in-house skills we will tell you right away. If you want us to manage the job and sub contact the work out we can do that. We will never sub out work without your prior knowledge and approval.

Q: How many people of service vehicles does Landscapia have?

A: Enough to cover your requirements. We would never overload our systems in an effort to grow without the adequate resources to cover the needs of our clients. To answer the question head-on, we hope to one day have hundreds of happy, motivated and well-paid team members and zero vehicles. Fleet management; the energy and resources required to manage vehicles is not a 21 st century problem that an open-minded corporation needs to deal with. There is no status in having “fifteen trucks on the road”. We would rather output monthly reports on how little of a carbon footprint Landscapia has. There are options. We explore all options.