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It’s got to go somewhere – is this the best we can do?

This is the Vancouver City green waste transfer station. Been there or the Delta landfill green waste facility recently? We dump green waste there about four to five times a week once the landscape season starts up. Back in the day (before approximately 2005?) you could legally dump green waste in dumpsters or anywhere else for that matter. The new law was to stop tons of compost green waste from piling onto the city garbage. Good idea, well past due and credit to the cities for implementing this law.

So, here we are 2016 and as you can see in the pictures below (we took these pics late fall 2015) tons of green waste is trucked in from all over the lower mainland every day, minced up with gigantic fuel burning composter machines and the massive piles turned with large front end loaders so someone (not me as I can’t take weed infected compost to clients) will pick up this composted soil and take it back by truck to some garden bed. Am I missing something here or is it kind of dumb (yup we are as guilty as other landscape businesses) to be trucking this green waste around town only to see it make its way back to the garden beds?

What to do? We are finally going to start in 2016 with true onsite composters for commercial clients. We have residential clients with onsite composters and at a home landscape scale the operation is not all that overwhelming. We will provide updates to how its going as the year unfolds.

green waste landfill 2










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