Design Services (Large)

Design seems to be everywhere these days. It is in the news and more material has been written on all facets of design as never before. With all the talk, literature and studies in design, why haven’t we seen a greater number of well designed, creative gardens or landscapes? What is important is how we will bring the pieces together into a living real space you will love.

  1. Full site or partial – small as a shrub bed.
  2. Commercial and residential.
  3. Consultive driven dialog. Process driven design.
  4. Ecological Landscape Design driven practices.

Ecological Landscape Design

What is ELD?
We look at the design process from a slightly different angle.
Holistic: how will current soil conditions work with new plantings? How can we incorporate local wildlife into the design.
Local: specifying local materials and when possible northwest native plant species best suited to our Metro Vancouver microclimates.
Water: plants in direct sun without irrigation need to be drought tolerant to survive our hot dry summers. If irrigation is requested we can design a low volume drip irrigation system.
Ongoing Maintenance: a low maintenance site requires little mowing or the use of power equipment. Composting is built into the design.  



What’s Going On

When your going to look at the technical aspects of retrofitting a current landscape or adding a garden bed consider the following points.

Analysis: Who, what, where, when and why. A complete and detailed site analysis is mandatory to get a clear understanding of how people, animals and the surrounding work within the landscape.

Slope an Sight Lines:How much slope and will this create water pooling? Should a new grade be established? Will that pine next to the fence cause sight line issues for you or your Neighbor over the next five years as the tree grows to its mature height?

Soil: What is the soil like? A clay base that we see in parts of the low lying regions of the lower mainland is very different then the soil you will see in the hills of North Vancouver.

Water: Is there an irrigation system in place or specified for the job? If not, what is the sun exposure map look like. There is nothing worse then to specify plants and then struggle to have them establish or keep them healthy for the long term.

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