Soil Retention: Drivable Grass



Simply The Best Permeable Pavement

Drivable Grass® is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system.  This product is made of wet cast, low moisture absorption concrete. Drivable Grass® is cast with holes to allow for infiltration and root penetration. A cast-inside engineered polymer grid allows Drivable Grass® to flex and conform to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves, while providing the intended structural support needed for daily use. Drivable Grass® maintains its load supporting characteristics even when saturated. The design also eliminates sharp edges common in other products, and won’t crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up like plastic.


  • Gain More Usable Land
  • More Permeable Than Native Soil
  • Eliminate Storm Water Runoff
  • Reduce Heat Island Effect
  • Lower Run-Off Coefficient
  • Biofiltration
  • Water Storage
  • Ground Water Re-Charge
  • Eliminate Detention Basins

Competitive Advantages

  • Strength and Durability
  • Flexibility Without Memory
  • Performs in Extreme Climates
  • Superior Plantability
  • Large Voids – No Clogging
  • No Sharp Edges
  • Easy Installation


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