Renovate Your Landscape

dream big, start small

Is your landscape looking old, worn out or your just bored looking at the same scene; we can help. You may use the same designated functional areas and renovate the space or change the order and size of the functional areas and start with a new arrangement. We are able to offer general landscape renovation services and products that meet your needs.

One point to consider is how much of the existing landscape can be directly used or recycled for use within the new design. Why throw our perfectly good shrubs when a little work can be invested to have them relocated into a new location. Concrete or other hardscape materials that need to be ripped out may be re-used in new areas with a little imagination.

Today there are too many choices with respect to landscape materials and landscape finished product selection. When ever possible we source only locally produced materials and products.

Products and Services:

  1. Hardscape: bricks, pavers, blocks and stone
  2. Softscape: turf, plants, shrubs and trees
  3. Lighting: above ground and installed LED
  4. Irrigation: in ground and drip line


Plants and Shrubs

landscape plants picture

Plants and woody shrubs. Thousands of varieties in every shape, size, texture and color. How to make sense with so much choice? Consider the following when renovating:

  1. Right plants based on soil, sun, space and regional hardiness
  2. Long term maintenance requirements. Don’t put in finicky plants if your going to be maintaining once a month!

If you need one plant replaced or hundreds installed, feel free to contact use and we can discuss further.


  1. Selection based on “right plant for the right place”
  2. Soil Preparation including organic methods
  3. Plant installation using best practices