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Honest Work at a Fair Price. It started back in the 1990’s helping out in my families landscape services company. It wasn’t a big company, but we did good work and we learned what it means to provide consistent great work week in and week out. Rain, wind, snow…..didn’t matter.

Today, we provide optimized landscape management solutions through science, technology and innovation to the residential and commercial markets. Our field service portal, iLandscapia connects our clients SLA, climate data, plant data and our service programs such as Organic Care, P3, All-In and Site Inspection.  We also run a hardware innovation lab and use our pattent-pending hardware such as Accuhedger.

 Our singular goal is to provide commercial and residential clients with best in class value landscape related services and products.

Pricing. Think value not price. The death spiral to the bottom! No thanks. We are very fair in our pricing; we take operational efficiency seriously and is a big reason why our prices are extremely competitive. We pay our employees well. We carry liability insurance. We put all new employee through our own training modules. All our tools, supplies and equipment are professional quality.

Organic. We are certificated in Organic Landscape Management and have lots of experience in using organic processes. It feels great to not use chemicals. That said, we also hold a valid BC IPM licence on staff. The deal is this;  we would only consider using chemicals under the most severe cases AND we would only use chemicals where no people or animals could be affected by the application.

Less to No Gasoline. Like most every landscape business in the world gas powered small engine equipment makes up the backbone of how we get things done. Co2 emissions and the noise are things everyone can due without –  especially the operator! We are starting our migration to electric hand held power tools and hopefully mowers as well.

stihl battery

For the home owner who may use a battery powered blower for 10-15 minutes a week, it’s not much to ask of the equipment. Try managing multiple battery powered tools (4-6 different power tools per crew) when you run them eight to ten hours a day. As of 2019 the outdoor power tool industry has just came up with one key battery powered tool with a long lasting battery for people in the landscape industry. We have started with one battery tool and our migration will be on track to be 100% small power tool electric by the end of 2020.

We are innovative in our thinking. New ideas are brought into Landscapia to improve both the quality of our services, the selection of our products and to reduce costs that we pass on to you.

New Programs. We are always looking at new ideas and bringing new client focused programs to market.

Cities and Municipalities We Service

We look at the logistics part of the business with great care. With the high cost of fuel, additional CO2 emissions along with adding more vehicles to our already congested roads, it isn’t in anyone’s best interest to be working too far from their home base. We are based in South Vancouver and not able to service the entire lower mainland – at least not yet. We do offer good coverage, see the map and chart below for details. If you have a Landscapia Membership Card you do receive preferred pricing, “real time deals” notification on local nursery stock along with door to door delivery on most of our eCommerce products.

Landscapia Service Areas Map

Memberships & Associations:

Gaia College Member

ISA MemberBC Ministry of Environment IPM Certified

Organic Master Gardener Completed

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