Soil Lab

The Basics

Soil is so important we set Soil as a separate menu item so it would get the attention it deserves. What is in your soil? The basic answer is a combination of sand, silt and clay. The answer we need to know is in what combination. Too much of any one

When we hear people ask to have better looking plants, what we usually answer with is something like ” Well lets get you some better working soil”. It is all about the soil. You can design a five star native plant based garden or English themed garden or what ever you like garden and all is for not if the soil structure, soil microbial activity or soil nutrients are not where they need to be.


We have certificates in soil science and organic gardening covering many aspects of soil including soil chemistry and structure.


Nitrogen +Phosphorus + Potassium



Augmenting the Soil


What to look for in a fertilizer? We can start by stating what not to look for; chemicals. The danger isn’t only about the direct hit to your landscape but as the chemical fertilizer is leached from the soil by water, guess where it goes. It doesn’t disappear – it runs into the aqua filter.

Regarding your landscape there have been many scientific studies and the end results are the same. Chemical fertilizers create havoc within the soil as all the beneficial bacteria and microbial action by nematodes and beetles and worms are to some degree killed off from the chemical fertilizers. This them results in a dependency to the chemical fertilizers.

We use Sustain fertilizers as our all round organic based fertilizer. There are many organic based products on the market but you will find that you need to be able to purchase bags of sufficient quantity at an affordable price so you can fertilize more often. The Sustain products we sell are in both plain commercial packages in large sizes and their smaller consumer sized bags. Have a look at the video below for further information on the Sustain products.