Start Here – Please

First off I just wanted to say hello and thanks for having a look at our website.

When I started my commercial website searching/surfing/reviewing journey back in (1995?) I wish there was a starting page where a business would explain how their site works and get you feeling comfortable. Even today It still seems like I’m supposed to figure things out as if I had designed their website!

So, here it goes – our way of helping you find what you want and understand where we are coming from.




Richard Gonyou – General Manager Landscapia is:

  • an information site packed with content relating to the topic of each page. We don’t use fancy words or terms to impress you, just quality content we hope you can use.
  • an online eCommerce site where you can purchase services and products. All our hardware products are backed up with a full one year money back guarantee. All our plants have a one year guarantee if we install with Myke and watering provisions are in place.
  • our membership site where members can log in and take advantage of promotions, free delivery etc. is not:

  • a list brokerage site. We will NEVER use your personal data for anything other then for the use within the website.
  • an ad sponsored site. We don’t want you bothered with ads – I know we don’t like websites with ads.
  • an affiliate marketing site. Don’t you get sick of being sent to other websites when you really just wanted to stay on the website your on?


If your looking for:

General information:  including company history, our values along with what we are trying to do and why then click on the About Us tab.

Products to purchase: plants, seeds, containers, tools and lots more then click on the Shop tab. We are not re-creating an online version of a big box store or local garden center. All our products are professional quality, maybe a bit obscure in nature and definitely tried and tested in the landscape. What we do see as a value add is Landscapia delivery to your door. Not everyone has a truck, much less a work truck for soil and plants and all the other great landscape products you want to get going with. We can also stage deliveries over a couple of weeks if you would prefer not to have your plants delivered until you have finished creating your garden beds. There are online filter options to help find what your looking for along with our secure online payment with all major credit cards along with Paypal.

Services to purchase: turf bed aeration, turf bed renewal, bark mulch loading, consulting by the hour along with many other service options then click on the Shop tab. Get the services you need when you want them all with a click of a button. here are filter options along with secure online payment with all major credit cards along with Paypal.

Maintenance related: all landscape maintenance services are listed within the Maintain tab. We decided to differentiate commercial from residential services as there are programs we run that are specific to each client group. Don’t want a year long contract – then don’t. See, we have been doing contracts and no-contracts for a very long time. Businesses usually want structured services over the ten month landscape calendar. Homeowners might rather save the dollars during the summer months and invest in other services or products. You will receive a discount the longer you commit and if you prefer one week at a time – no problem. You may see an orange Click Here to Learn More button that will take you into a product page or another page.

Ideas to add color: from annuals and bulbs to wildflowers, hanging baskets and containers see our Add Color tab the drop down menu. What’s a landscape with no color – green (hopefully!). Adding a rich spectrum of colors with perennials, wildflowers, annuls and baskets really livens up a space.

Design and renewal options: thinking of a fresh start or have bigger plans in mind then visit the Renovate tab. Lots of ideas and options. You really have to be careful with design, actually the work before the design is even more critical. Take your time and get an in-depth analysis completed. The time and money will be paid back 100 fold. Rushing into a project, even a small project usually ends up with some disappointment.


Making it easier and smarter: all of the above content pages and eCommerce product pages are straight forward. We are looking at ways to make service and product selection easier by designing in web intelligence so we can better understand your landscape and thus make better online recommendations.