STP: Simple Transparent Pricing

You want fair pricing. No black box magic. No street address social demographic pricing. Just plain simple transparent pricing. We use standard pricing on most all line items using both linear unit or square unit quantitative data. Landscapia will deliver your quote built with clear quantitative numbers. 

“In God we trust; all others bring data.”

― W. Edwards Deming

An Example of STP:

Jane Smith an operations manager wants their small commercial landscape taken care of weekly. She wants only basic landscape services and all other services will be reviewed and approved on an “as needed bases”.

  1. Debris Pick Up
  2. Trim Line
  3. Turf Cut
  4. Hard Surfaces Blowing

We charge out each item accordingly to the square meter or linear meter that we need to service. We then add this total to our base service call charge. That is it. For the service items, it would not matter if you lived in an executive detached home in West Vancouver or operated a commercial site in Delta, the price we charge is the same. We will use some math to calculate the service call. The service call charge uses our own operations pricing algorithm.

STP: our way of demystifying service pricing.