The new Oil? Or the new Gold!

We are getting hotter every year. If you don’t feel it during the summer heat in and around Vancouver BC then please let me know.


Water for plants to survive during times of heat stress.


We are getting cut off from local cities and municipalities.


options avaiallbe?

Manually spray – as long as that option is avialbe.

Fill barrels and transport to the palnst – a real and time consumming process.

Fill mini modules in and around the plant and use just a little technology to open up the values and drip directly into the soil in and around the plants

Use a combination of three systems;

Large storage distribution bins.

Fence and soil stake mounted mini-garden bed storage modules.

Drip irrigation hardware used to transport water toation route to the plants

Community storage for each garden bed area

Drip irrigation for transportation routes to the plants


  • keep large one time sprays and the manual daily spray process out of the equation.