Not a favorite topic for most of us and as they say, “Stay on top of the weeds or they will take over and you will loose the battle”

So how do you stay on top of “not wanted” vegetation? Have a good look at this BC Government Website on Weeds: There is a comprehensive .PDF you may download. https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hra/plants/weedsbcdocuments.htm

In Order of Safety for People, the Environment and Your Landscape:

Manual Weed Control:

Pull ’em out by hand or with manual or power equipment. Best to pull then out with the root and tap root intact. If you have small areas it works well and you can keep weeds under control. Can be time intensive.

Manual/Burning Weeds at Root Control;

Use a 20 lb. propane cylinder and a vegetation specific torch end. The system works by creating a blast of hi-temperature heat that travels down the weed to the roots and fries them in seconds. This method really works and you have to know what your doing as it is easy to create damage to adjoining surfaces or structures.

Environment Safe Application:

There are not too many options available but one that we have had have success with is Eco-Clear. 

Product Features

• For non-selective control of herbaceous broad-leaf and grass weeds in non-crop areas, right of way and industrial land sites.

• EcoClear is a post-emergent, foliar active, vegetation management product formulated to contain organic acids that are components of vinegar and lemon juice. It is non-selective to green foliage and non residual in soil.


• ANNUAL WEEDS CONTROLLED: Ragweed spp, Chickweed, Lamb’s-quarters, Black Medic • SUPPRESSION OF PERENNIAL WEEDS: Dandelion, Plantain spp, Clover spp., Wild Carrot, Toadflax, Quack Grass. Tufted Vetch, Hawkweed spp., Curled Dock.

• GUARANTEE: acetic acid 25% w/v. (250 g/L)




• Best results are achieved from spring and early summer applications to actively growing young weeds.

• Degree of control depends on several factors, including size and stage at application. Small annual weeds may be completely controlled with a single application. Control of larger, more established weeds, not completely desiccated with one application may be short-term and require retreatment. Weeds that are mature, dormant or hardened due to moisture stress tend to be more tolerant to herbicide treatment


Chemical Application:

The use of applying landscape chemicals has been almost eliminated within the Vancouver Regional District urban environment. We at Landscapia can legally use chemicals within the commercial and industrial landscapes without specific permits. That said, we choose not to use chemicals unless it is a case where not using chemicals would create more issues than using chemicals. When we say use chemicals, we are talking about 2-4% glyphosate based non-select herbicide mixed with water. What is very alarming is that many big-box retailers are still selling large concentrated bottles of non-selective herbicides such as Round-Up for residential landscapes when we, who hold BC Government Applicators Licenses can not spray those same landscapes! So the government is allowing the retailers to sell concentrated chemical herbicide to untrained consumers but does not want trained professionals to spray the same landscapes?


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