Piet Oldolf Planting

Okay we admit it. We like a natural look and mass planting of wild flowers and plants looks well….. very cool. When you need to fill a medium to large garden bed or other area costs may be prohibitive to use nursery stock. We have been lucky enough to partner with a very good seed provider for great products at a fair price.

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Mass not Focus

When selecting species for mass wild flower planting remember that your creating a mass of plants, not focus points. Layering, contrasts, height and width of species becomes important. Understanding what species work well together is more critical then in more traditional plantings.

Maintenance is lower in natural mass plantings with respect to pruning or bed clean up compared to traditional gardens. These labor savings should be invested into tasks such as organic care and soil augmentation.

If the wild mass planting concept looks interesting, let us know and we can discuss options. We can complete project work including; Concept, Design, Soil preparation and Seeding or Planting.